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Our Passion
At Cave de Famille, we share our love for wines that bring great moments of sharing experience, among other wine lovers, friends and family

Discover our Winegrowers

Each of the estates, Maisons and Châteaux that we value all share:

  • A craving for excellence
  • A story to share
  • A will to reveal their unique terroir.

Some of our partner wine-makers are very well known; others are rising stars. Together, they form the exceptional and infinite array of talents that we will gladly present to you.

With Cave de Famille

Access the Greatest wines

Keep them as a treasury

Pass on a unique patrimony

Discover our terroirs

You are a wine lover

We will use our expertise and knowledge to find right-priced jewels, helping you to create your very own wine selection and make it grow.

We will accompany you in your search for the right storage and safety conditions.

We will offer you the possibility to pass on or sell some of your best items, however your needs or your will to diversify evolve through time.

For each one of those steps, we will provide you with a tailored solution.

Your wine selection is an emotional heritage
Your wine selection is an emotional heritage

You are a professional


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Offer the best to your clientele
Offer the best to your clientele