Please yourself with a tailored wine selection

Why create your own wine selection?

As an expatriate, you wish to start collecting a great wine selection for the future.

You wish to share and pass on a certain idea of happiness with your children.

You aspire to acquire great wines to your taste.

Each month, we will suggest wines that fit your taste and needs to build your wine selection.

We are at your service to help you create your wine collection: your tailored wine selection will be built in record time.

We will take care of everything: all you will need to do is enjoy tasting and sharing! A great wine list requires time, patience and opportunities that we will trigger for you.

A great wine cellar is often time, patience and opportunitites

You can start buying bottles of rare quality today

“en primeur” for instance, 2016 Bordeaux bottles that will be delivered in 2019 and will allow you to start a wine selection including the references and formats that you wish for;

or as soon as they are put on sale, in the case of some Bourgogne, Rhône and Languedoc (2014 and 2015) bottles.

We will provide you with buying opportunities

during auctions, wine cellar sales or de-stockings or while visiting our partner winemakers directly at their vineyards!

Our rates

Our method

Step 1

A personal interview

To frame your objectives, your budget and your taste

Step 2

Creating your personal wine selection, using our model

Here is an example of a typical wine selection made both for pleasure and investment:

30 to 40% of great Bordeaux wines. The average pre-tax value is 35€ for a nice bottle. The great wines will go from 60 to 150€ and the “1er Cru Classé” are priced around 250€.

20% of red Bourgogne wine from great estates (20 to 70€ for the “Village” and “1er Cru” bottles, 80 to 150€ for the “Grand Cru” bottles)

20 to 30% of great Rhône classic wines (Hermitage, Châteauneuf and Côte Rôtie), or Languedoc if you choose to invest in the “Rising Stars”

Step 3

After our agreement

You contribute monthly or yearly

We purchase wines on your behalf and have them delivered to your home or store your wines.

Are you ready to create your wine selection ?

We will be delighted to accompany you.

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